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SCS Cloud is an expert software service company delivering NetSuite and Salesforce projects and programs globally to a wide variety of commercial and industrial businesses. The company has been operating successfully since 2010 under the leadership of enterprise technology specialist, Derek Hitchman. The company’s personnel are trained and experienced in NetSuite and Salesforce implementation in numerous industries, including general manufacturing, product distribution, oil and gas, insurance, and logistics.

To date, SCS Cloud has implemented software solutions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia; all the while focusing on multiple projects throughout the United States. The company’s team of expert consultants is noted for its immediate response and fulfillment of its clients’ needs and wants.

Meir NetSuite Developer
Derek Principal Consultant & CEO
Robert NetSuite Technical Consultant
Jessica Project Manager
Daniel SuiteCommerce Advanced Developer
Ann NetSuite Consultant
Debra NetSuite Consultant
Aaron Solutions Consultant
Abhishek Web Developer
Blaine NetSuite Developer
Ryan Implementation Consultant
Ahmed Training Specialist
Dmitry Developer
Angelo Data Migration Specialist
Ellan Project Manager
Gabe Implementation Consultant
Henry Technical Architect
Marco Lead Developer
Nessen Technical Consultant
Peggy Account Manager
Terry Implementation Consultant
Stephen Salesforce Developer


NetSuite Developer

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Principal Consultant & CEO

SCS Cloud is headed by enterprise technology specialist, Derek Hitchman. A long term enterprise software specialist, Derek has delivered projects in over 20 countries and across many industries. His extensive experience in financial risk management, custom software development, and rapid system configuration has led to continued expansion for SCS Cloud across an increasingly wide variety of commercial and industrial enterprises.


NetSuite Technical Consultant

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Project Manager

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SuiteCommerce Advanced Developer

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NetSuite Consultant


NetSuite Consultant

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Solutions Consultant

You need a great manager, administrator, and innovator to bring your cloud-based solution to life. Aaron comes from a custom web development background, where he focused on project management and system planning. He understands how to develop and implement a variety of frameworks and platforms, both online and offline. Aaron has assisted SME (small to medium enterprises), Inc 500, Inc 5000, and Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries, providing solutions for their organizational needs. With impressive experience and unmatched versatility, Aaron can help you make the most of our technology.


Web Developer

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NetSuite Developer

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Implementation Consultant

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Training Specialist

Ahmed’s impressive adaptability and willingness to tackle new challenges come in handy as he helps SCS Cloud clients make the most of their innovative NetSuite products. He began his career as a chef, but soon began working in the technology field. After working for an online marketing company, he began pursuing hosting, database management, and security, acting as a system administrator. As if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, he soon went into software and technology resource recruitment. Ahmed’s wide set of skills and undeniable versatility make him the perfect person to guide you smoothly through the seemingly overwhelming world of NetSuite. In addition to helping you learn NetSuite with finesse, Ahmed is (of course) currently taking on another field by dipping his foot into the implementations side of the equation. So, if you’ve been keeping track, Ahmed can cook you a lovely meal, market businesses, manage databases, sell software, host websites, and ensure system security. Most importantly, however, he will assist you as you set up and learn to use your customized NetSuite solutions.



Dmitry is a self-taught specialist who began his career in information technology developing Visual Basic applications to store and save data. His complete credentials and skills are too comprehensive to list. He has worked on Windows applications for sharing media, custom WordPress solutions, custom QR code generators, web servers, and more. Dmitry has been particularly prolific in the area of e-Learning solutions, producing hundreds of web pages and apps for students to use. Always looking to test and expand his abilities, he enjoys offering innovative solutions to our clients.


Data Migration Specialist

Angelo works with clients to configure systems and get the solutions up and running and fully delivered on time. He is a master when it comes to automating processes, managing complex workflows and configuring screen layouts and printed forms. Angelo also migrates data between systems and manipulates all information needed for executive dashboards. While Angelo focuses primarily on NetSuite configuration, he also works with a variety of other cloud-based systems and add-ons that enhance features and functionality.


Project Manager

With over fifteen years of experience in project management and quality assurance, Ellan is here to guide you through the process of enhancing your company’s software. She is experienced in numerous Microsoft programs, Jira, VMWare Workstation, Agile, Waterfall, and a proprietary automated test platform. In addition to earning her Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ellan is an EIT and SUN certified, so she understands the complex technical workings involved in our services. She specializes in software development projects, including driver testing, quality assurance testing, Point of Sale payment processing, and Salesforce. Ellan works closely with SCS Cloud clients to ensure our programmers carry out projects successfully, document their processes, and implement the software for excellent results. She looks forward to assisting you!


Implementation Consultant

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Technical Architect

Henry focuses on system design and architecture across multiple platforms and designs solutions for SCS Cloud clients to meet the complex needs of individual businesses. While Henry has significant Salesforce development experience as well as the coding custom NetSuite solutions, he also stretches over into Heroku, SQL, and other platforms and languages to design and develop the correct technical solutions to meet client needs. Henry has managed many large data migration and reporting projects from previous systems into new cloud-based architecture.


Lead Developer

Marco focuses primarily on development and support of custom solutions and integrations for the NetSuite platform. He architects and develops custom code and features to enhance functionality and provide clients with automated and more efficient business processes. Marco also manages development and installation of SCS Cloud NetSuite add-on bundles and industry specification solutions.


Technical Consultant

When you design and implement customized software solutions for your business, you need to trust the person at the helm of your project. Fortunately, SCS Cloud’s Technical Consultant, Nesen, is exceptionally qualified. He is well versed in both Microsoft SQL (the database management system) and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) systems development. Nesen boasts years of experience in the retail and financial segments. Certified in SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), Nesen is also practiced in SAP development and implementation. As a seasoned programmer, Nesen fully grasps the benefits of various technologies and understands how to use them to meet clients’ specific needs. Now, with SCS Cloud, he utilizes these skills to focus on utilizing his technical skills in a consulting capacity for our client’s NetSuite needs.


Account Manager

Peggy Hamilton is skilled in project management and has overseen software implementation programs as well as many projects within the medical education and health industries. Her background includes general office administration, corporate change management, delivery of communication and efficiency seminars and customer service and support. Her particular strength is efficient project execution and ensuring smooth liaison between project team members. Peggy is well known for the quality of her communication and care for customers and clients.


Implementation Consultant

After several years as a software engineer in the aerospace industry, Terry Williams moved into the private sector, specializing in designing and implementing financial systems. She has designed and implemented software within a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Her background includes experience in forensic accounting, systems integration, and legal compliance. Terry is particularly strong in client communications and customer service and is known for her “can do” attitude.


Salesforce Developer

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