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Having a trial run of NetSuite could be the deciding factor in determining if the software will fit your business. Learn more about the benefits of a NetSuite trial, who it’s meant for, and what you can expect from the experience here.

What Is NetSuite ERP & How Does It Work?

An ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning,” software that manages multiple facets of day-to-day business activities such as accounting, project management, and compliance. There’s no need for separate databases or software since it’s all housed together. Beyond this, an ERP suite will also include enterprise performance management. This program helps plan, budget, and predict an institution’s financial results.

NetSuite is based on this structure. It’s a “brand” of ERP and is often called the “Swiss Army Knife” of software like it. With all of the plug-ins and modules from NetSuite themselves and third-party developers, it’s hard to disagree with the nickname. This incredible level of customization means you can build NetSuite to fit your specific needs.

For example, if you have an e-commerce store, the NetSuite SuiteCommerce module enables features that would be helpful to market your online presence. It allows “drag and drop” tools to make managing the look of your website a breeze. There are SEO tools to customize your website’s H1s, metadata, and the site’s structure. Best of all, your website is built to work on any device to minimize load times.

Why Choose NetSuite for Your Business?

Cost of Maintenance

Databases and software cost money to maintain; that’s the cost of doing business. NetSuite follows a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. You pay a subscription to access the technology but aren’t responsible for infrastructure or system maintenance upkeep.

Access to these databases and maintenance is more cost-effective than taking these financial costs yourself. Maintenance comes standard, along with two major software updates annually, so you’re always up to date.

No Room for Human Error

Another compelling reason to choose NetSuite is the automation of repetitive tasks, which minimizes the risk of human error. For example, NetSuite can automate inventory management, ensuring accurate tracking and reducing the chances of stockouts or overstocking.

By eliminating manual data entry, NetSuite improves efficiency, saves time, and reduces costly mistakes.

Pay for What You Need

The core NetSuite platform includes accounting, inventory, order, and tax management. However, NetSuite offers over 30 additional modules and plug-ins that you can add to customize your ERP system. With this “a la carte” approach, you only pay for the services that move your business forward.

Who Is This Netsuite Trial Meant For?

This trial is for people who need a tactile learning experience with NetSuite. It’s one thing to hear about the benefits, but seeing the workflows yourself is more impactful.

NetSuite is the perfect software for businesses looking to:

  • Upgrade their ERP
  • Scale greatly in the future
  • Have a customizable, single database for all your business needs

What Are the Benefits of Doing a Netsuite Trial?

  1. Hands-On Experience: NetSuite trials offer a hands-on experience of the software. You can explore the various modules and features, add your own customers, vendors, and items, and get a feel for NetSuite.
  2. Personalized Support: You’ll have access to a NetSuite-certified professional who will guide you through the application, answer any questions you may have, and provide insights into how NetSuite can benefit your organization.
  3. Zero Cost: Most NetSuite trial programs come at no cost to you. You can explore the full functionality of the software without any financial commitment.

NetSuite Trial FAQs

What Does My Netsuite Trial Include?

Your NetSuite trial will include access to a fully provisioned NetSuite account. The trial contains optional modules that might prove helpful to your business. Some datasets specific to your industry may be available.

A NetSuite-trained professional will be available to guide you through NetSuite and answer any questions you have for the duration of your trial.

How Long Does the Netsuite Demo Last?

Most NetSuite trial periods last for 14 days. This gives you ample time to explore the software, test different use cases, and see if it suits your business.

What Happens After Requesting a Trial Account?

Once you request access to a NetSuite trial account, a NetSuite professional will likely reach out. They will review NetSuite’s basics and grant access to the trial account. Along with a guided tour, they can answer any questions or concerns about using NetSuite.

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