A Complete Solution for Manufacturers

Why Choose NetSuite for Your Manufacturing Business

NetSuite’s various features provide manufacturers with the software needed to run a modern business. Not only is the software seamless and intuitive, it allows you to stay informed from anywhere.

Contrary to possible interpretation, you don’t have to be a software expert to really get the most out of NetSuite (that’s where we come in!). It is fully customizable to your unique business, while still having a list of helpful features for those working in the manufacturing industry.

Here’s What NetSuite Can Do for You

The manufacturing industry is vast, so we’ve broken down some of the most common features requested by our business types to give you an idea of what NetSuite can do for you and your company. Feel free to peruse these lists. Or, better yet, give us a call to get a more basic understanding of how this software can serve your needs.


Improve product design and BOM management.

Sales and Marketing

Implement campaigns, manage opportunities and expedite estimating and quoting.

Order Management

Accelerate demand planning and control input type.

Supply Chain Management

Synergize with suppliers and purchasing, and simplify distribution resource planning.

Production Control

Improve scheduling, work order management and increase product quality.

Service and Support

Streamline case management, manage warranty returns and enable customer self-service.

Financial Management

Enhance intercompany accounting, costing and payment management.


Empower omnichannel purchasing in B2B and B2C environments.

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