Why You Should Run Your Business on NetSuite

Industries face challenges every day, many of which can only be met with boots on the ground. As an expert NetSuite solution partner with years of experience in the ERP space, we at SCS Cloud know the pivotal role that Field Services Management (FSM) plays in maintaining and upgrading industries around the world. And from order confirmation, GPS tracking and dynamic scheduling, to field inventory management, billing and customer engagement, we know firsthand that the one NetSuite solution designed to overcome those challenges is NETSUITE FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT.


NetSuite Field Service Management is an all-encompassing FSM solution built right into NetSuite. It was designed to drive rapid scheduling and dispatch, and among other things, also provides integrative asset management and customer service features right from its mobile app, enabling you to improve efficiencies from the HQ level down to your on-site technicians.

If you’re looking to optimize your field service operations, then our expert team at SCS Cloud recommends adding the synergy that only NetSuite Field Service Management can deliver.

NetSuite Field Service Management’s core features:


Here’s the only assistant your field technicians will ever need. The NetSuite Field Service Management mobile app can instantly access all the job information from anywhere, at any time. It can pull up project data (location, service history, safety concerns) in seconds, and empowers schedulers to update job status and streamline tracking across your fleet of trucks, vans and technicians.

  • View project details from the Mobile App
  • Update customer and service records
  • Create customized forms and checklists
  • Monitor inventory for real-time parts visibility
  • Record and submit expenses on the go


Inventory management can be a large pain point in the FSM field and an even larger cost if mismanaged. That’s why NetSuite Field Service Management leverages the upsides of NetSuite’s robust inventory management tools to reduce inventory leakage, get rid of write-offs and dramatically cut low first-time fix rates (FTFR) due to incorrect parts and equipment showing up on the job.

  • Easily track inventory and stock
  • More accurate job planning
  • Eliminate secondary truck rolls
  • Built-in barcode scanner to match parts to orders
  • Capitalize on upselling opportunities


The NetSuite Field Service Management Scheduler can improve efficiencies across the board. By streamlining every facet of your dispatching process, from arrival on the job to job status updates and technician departure, the Scheduler is a game-changer. It also provides visibility into utilization and can help realize greater ROI by improving not only how you manage hours spent on the job but also how you capitalize on new business opportunities.

  • Create work orders
  • Drag-and-drop job scheduling
  • Update job status in real-time
  • Reduce dispatch time
  • Increase productivity


Producing the reports you need to run field services has always been challenging. With NetSuite Field Service Management, you can take advantage of NetSuite’s robust reporting and gain insight into customer asset records, forms and checklists, inventory management records and much more. Or better yet, create custom reports and saved searches so the data you want is always right at your fingertips. Through built-in reporting and and analytics, NetSuite Field Service Management delivers accurate business intelligence that provides your on-site technicians with the data they need, whenever they need it.

  • NetSuite’s full suite of reporting tools
  • Real-time analytics
  • KPI tracking and analysis
  • Improve decision-making, on-site or off
  • Capture data via mobile app


NetSuite Field Service Management has everything you need to optimize asset performance and draw real intelligence from customer data. Captured directly in NetSuite, this data then enables your technicians to triage problems on-site, exchange valuable data with HQ and service customers. The result is better delivery outcomes and real-time management of fixed assets, customer assets, and every sub-asset comprising the complete service history.

  • Track, manage, and optimize asset performance
  • Transparency into full asset history
  • Quickly locate safety and compliance issues
  • On-demand asset recalls
  • Profitability reporting


SCS Cloud is among the NetSuite Solution Providers entrusted to expertly demo and implement NetSuite Field Service Management for clients. Using the dynamic mobile app as your gateway, we look forward to helping implement and provide the NetSuite Field Service Management solutions you need to help elevate your FSM operations above the rest of the field.

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