Customer Case Studies

ACI Learning

ACI Learning is a multi-unit business that provides technical education and usage for B2C and B2B companies, as well as IT training and coaching to veterans and other student bases. They have been in business as ACI since 2014, having started out as multiple companies and slowly migrating into one, more


All LED USA is an LED lighting company that specializes in energy-saving lighting solutions. After a successful asset purchase of a UK-based company that maintained distribution centers around the world, All LED USA set out with a new mission statement and today is based in St Petersburg, Florida. It more

Hatch Lighting

Having started from humble beginnings, Hatch Lighting was founded in 1985—the first office operating out of its founder’s house. Today, Hatch Lighting has more than 20 employees, most of whom work out of their headquarters in Florida’s Tampa Bay area. Their workforce includes a remote sales team that operates more


Located in Boulder, Colorado, Jot is your scrappy upstart that specializes in manufacturing, producing, and selling the world’s best coffee concentrate — direct-to-consumers. Since its launch some three and a half years ago, Jot has quickly become a major player in the beverage industry and has grown in size, revenue, more

JRF Ortho

JRF Ortho is in an incredibly unique line of business. They specialize in providing orthopedic surgeons with the highest viability, most widely available cartilage solutions in the industry. And through innovation and a fierce commitment to clinical results and positive outcomes, they offer world-class joint solutions to improve their patient’ more

Pelican International

Based out of the Tampa Bay area and operating under the motto of Quality, Integrity & Service, Pelican Int’l started out as a family-owned business over 15 years ago and was founded on three fundamental principles. The first: To deliver the highest quality product at unprecedented prices. Second: To more


Priding itself on not only Staying Weird but Shining On, Shinesty is your self-proclaimed “irreverent clothing company that reminds the world to take itself less serious.” Founded in 2014, Shinesty blends its brand name (famous for creativity, innovation, design, and quality) with some seriously comfortable underwear. Their outlandishly stylish more

Redpoint Resolutions

Redpoint Resolutions is a multifaceted corporation whose sophisticated staff provides a wide variety of services. This company is actually comprised of three separate but interconnected arms. Redpoint Resolutions offers comprehensive medical insurance, emergency resolution and intelligence services to its esteemed corporate clientele. This company employs security specialists, including many more


Founded in 2013 in Denver, Colorado, Rachio quickly became one of the most innovative home irrigation technologies on the market. This smartphone-operated sprinkler system quickly became popular with technology pundits and homeowners alike. Since its release just three years ago, Rachio has been reviewed by hundreds of satisfied customers. more

Catalyst Secure

Digital technology has revolutionized the legal industry, particularly as it pertains to evidence. Many receipts, reports, agreements, contracts, voicemails, and other records are created and stored electronically. Digital documentation offers numerous advantages—nearly instant access, simple modifications, duplicability, etc.—but these also cast doubt on the legitimacy of these as evidence. more


In this digital age, having an outdated inventory, handwritten ledger and analog cash register at checkout certainly won’t suffice. When businesses need to bring their operations into the 21st century, they need sophisticated, scalable strategies. CAST Retail provides assistance to companies like these. The consultancy provides a comprehensive suite more

L.N. Curtis & Sons

There are more than two million firefighters and police personnel serving communities in the United States. In order to save lives, they need appropriate gear. Our brave public servants need boots, belts, fire shields, handcuffs, valves, and other accouterments to aid them in their important work. L.N. Curtis & more


What is an appropriate salary for each of your team members? How can you measure your company’s compensation practices against others? When is it time to give a high-performing employee a raise, and what should his or her new rate be? In 2002,’s John Gaffney and former Microsoft executive, more

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