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SCS Cloud has developed a custom NetSuite Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Solution for processing card-present credit card transactions at retail locations.

Main Features

Number One

Accept card-present credit card transactions with a seamlessly integrated credit card terminal.

Number Two

All terminals support EMV (chip), card swipe, contactless tap-to-pay and Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay).

Number Three

Signature capture is possible depending on the terminal selected.

Number Four

Requires the NetSuite certified FreedomPay payment gateway.

Key Benefits

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Utilize standard NetSuite transactions to collect card-present credit card payments without the need for an expensive POS solution (e.g. SuiteCommerce InStore).

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Transaction fees are reduced by an average of 0.5% with card-present transactions.

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Chargebacks are significantly reduced or eliminated with card-present transactions with EMV (chip) readable terminals.

POS Solution Overview

This solution is seamlessly integrated with payment transactions in NetSuite which facilitates a credit card sale on Ingenico Lane series terminals for USB / Ethernet connectivity:

SCS NetSuite POS Terminal

FreedomPay Gateway

The solution depends on the NetSuite FreedomPay SuitePayments gateway and FreedomPay’s Freeway Commerce Connect (FCC) Windows services coupled with SCS proprietary software.

Supported NetSuite Transactions

The supported NetSuite payment transactions for this solution include:

  • Cash Sale
  • Customer Deposit
  • Customer Payment
  • Sales Order (authorization)

Once the sale or authorization is complete via the terminal then the NetSuite payment record is fully updated to show the payment as a Recorded External Event along with the full printed receipt copy, signature image and the Request / Response information to and from the terminal.

Normal NetSuite refunds can be performed as usual.

Thermal Receipt Printer

An optional thermal receipt printer can be configured to automatically print a receipt of the NetSuite credit card transaction which may include:

  • Company Logo
  • Receipt Header Information
    • Store Name, Address and Phone Number
    • Marketing Copy
  • NetSuite Payment Document Number
  • Line Item Details
  • Signature Image at Bottom

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