NetSuite Consulting Services

Taking the leap from existing software to a new cloud ERP system is a big decision. Sometimes, you don’t even know where to start!

That’s where our NetSuite consulting services come in. We’ve worked with companies of all industries and sizes to successfully implement NetSuite. From figuring out exactly how NetSuite could benefit your business to mapping out a plan for implementation and, finally, getting the software live.

What is a NetSuite Consultant?

A NetSuite Consultant is someone who works with businesses to figure out how to set up and implement NetSuite in the best way possible.

Not all NetSuite Consultants are equal, though — there are certifications you can take through NetSuite. These ensure you’re fully capable of making successful recommendations and implementations.

At SCS Cloud, our team is full of NetSuite-certified experts so you can rest assured we have plenty of experience and qualifications to provide the best cloud solution for your business.

What Does a NetSuite Consultant Do?

NetSuite consultants are responsible for many different things. From ideation to NetSuite implementation and ongoing training, your NetSuite Consultant will have a hand in the entire process.

Here’s what a NetSuite consultant does:

  • Creates blueprints for NetSuite implementation
  • Suggests NetSuite add ons to improve company workflows and data analysis
  • Works with employees of your company and the NetSuite implementation team to deliver a fully-optimized solution
  • Determines any customizations and add ons needed for your NetSuite software
  • Oversees and helps with implementation and data integration
  • Smooths out issues that arise, either during or post-implementation
  • Identifies areas of opportunity to optimize your NetSuite software post-implementation
  • Conducts necessary training with staff members
  • Help determine NetSuite pricing (which varies depending on your unique setup)

Our NetSuite Services

Here at SCS Cloud, we provide a few different NetSuite services depending on where you are on your cloud software journey.

Whether you’re brand new to NetSuite and need a trustworthy implementation partner, or you already have NetSuite and are looking for additional customizations or support, we can help!

NetSuite Implementation

Our NetSuite implementation services cover everything you need to get started with NetSuite. From detailed business requirements and workflows to customizations and getting the software live, our NetSuite-certified team will get NetSuite up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Implementing NetSuite is a complex process requiring close attention to detail and ongoing communication. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs, we wrote a full NetSuite implementation guide to give you a head start.

Even after NetSuite goes live, our NetSuite consultants are available for any additional questions you might have. We’re always here to help!

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Custom NetSuite Development

We provide custom NetSuite development services for both new instances of NetSuite or to build upon your existing software.

Customizing NetSuite isn’t something any type of developer can accomplish — NetSuite has its own set of coding languages. Our development team uses NetSuite’s SuiteCloud developer tools including SuiteAnalytics, SuiteTalk, SuiteScript, and SuiteBuilder.

While NetSuite is capable of many things out-of-the-box, customizations can be added on at any time. This is a huge part of the beauty of NetSuite’s infinite scalability, which can grow with your business as needed.

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NetSuite Support & Optimization

Whether you need help post-implementation or are looking for training on an existing NetSuite installation, our experienced support team is ready to assist.

We provide both online NetSuite tutorials and on-site training sessions. By the time we’re finished, your team will be able to comfortably navigate NetSuite on a daily basis. This includes remote support services and even training solutions by role.

Our NetSuite support and optimization services aren’t limited to our own customers — we’re happy to provide these services to any company that uses NetSuite.

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Certified NetSuite Solutions Partner

Choosing a certified NetSuite solutions partner, like SCS Cloud, means NetSuite has vetted them and determined they’re a high-quality solutions provider with a strong track record of success.

With close attention to detail and a genuine desire to help companies succeed, our NetSuite consulting services are tailored to you and your business.

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