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Providing software and support to transform your business.


SCS Cloud focuses on helping businesses select and set up business software for sales, marketing, business finance, accounting, payroll, supply chain management, e-commerce and more. Many companies these days are spending extra hours doing things by hand they shouldn’t have to do. We help automate invoicing, marketing campaigns, business workflows, supply chain management, payroll, invoicing and more.


Through our advisory services, our team can assist your business in choosing the right solution and get it implemented on time and within budget.



Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to configure the new software, integrate past data from previous systems, and get the entire solution up and running within budget and on time.


Custom Development

SCS Cloud has a team of developers and cloud technology experts who architect, build and implement custom solutions based on client needs. Whether building a completely new application from scratch or providing additions to existing cloud technologies, our team has you covered.


Support & Training

We offer ongoing support to all our clients for years to come. We implement and maintain your software with continuing support plans and training services. We ensure that you have confidence in your new system and are skilled in using it.



We provide solutions which are easily configurable and quick to implement yet fully comprehensive for your business. Through our advisory and project management services, our team can assist your business in choosing the right solution for your needs and budget, and then get you on the road to your perfect software.

Our team of experts has a long history of experience advising businesses on exactly what solutions will best meet their needs. We do a detailed analysis of exactly what is needed, assist your team to gather all necessary requirements, and ensure that the chosen solution will match your exact business needs. Thus leaving you with certainty of your project before pulling the trigger.


Create a Blueprint

It all start’s with a blueprint. It’s always important to know where you’re headed, especially with all the technology that is continually being released. Our experienced team will map out a complete strategic blueprint for your path to a fully integrated enterprise system that fits your needs.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Our consultants are available to assist your organization with each action required to implement the solution your business requires. We ensure that your blueprint is carried out efficiently and takes advantage of the latest technology to empower your decision-making.

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This is where the magic happens. With thoughtful planning, we create the perfect product for your business and speedily bring you up to the point where you can go live with the software. Careful planning and detailed design pays off with ease of operation and a system specifically aligned to your business needs.

Through our proven experience in integrating cloud applications on multiple platforms, our team can will you up and running with simple and effective integrations.

The technology behind cloud applications makes them generally quite easy to integrate. Our team is focused on making this otherwise complex area simple and easy.

Run Your Business From Anywere


Integrated Systems

Our team has experience integrating systems for information sharing, reporting and analytics as well as setting up an easy to use dashboard. Most companies work off multiple systems and sometimes the success of these products can be based on users having the correct information when they need it. Our integration services can achieve this.

Easy Decision-Making

By having all the information in the right place, executives are able to see the true state of the company and make the right decisions. Whether your company uses external dashboards and reporting tools, or integrates information between current systems, it is vital that your management team makes the right decisions.

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Custom Development

SCS Cloud has a team of developers and cloud technology experts who collaborate with you and start planning and mapping out exactly what you need. From there, we build the technology and configure your software so that it is ready for implementation.

Our custom solutions are based on specific client requirements. Whether building a completely new application from scratch or additions to existing cloud technologies, our team has you covered.


Take advantage of our knowledgeable team and the world’s best cloud computing platforms to build practically any custom application tailored precisely to your needs. Whether you are looking to migrate a current spreadsheet-based solution into a fully-fledged software application or design a new solution from start to finish, we will have you up and running FAST.

Experienced Designers

SCS has a dedicated team of experienced designers who are skilled in best-practice software design in the cloud.

Infinite Scalability

Easily scale up from one user to hundreds in the cloud. No servers, no administrators, no hassle.


By using SCS to build your custom solution, you will get our top-notch support team who will ensure smooth continued use of your solution.

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Support & Training

SCS Cloud provides support services for cloud-based systems including NetSuite, Salesforce, and all custom solutions. This support ranges from being on-call and responsive to all needs that arise to making sure that your project is fully completed and set up properly. We aim to guide our clients through projects from start to finish.

Our company ensures that when you call or email in with a support issue that your issue is addressed quickly and by someone that is knowledgeable getting your questions handled in a timely manner.

We want your team to use your software. Many companies have trouble with getting their staff to use the new software with ease but with our training programs this isn’t an issue. We have on-site and online training courses as well as many custom options for your team such as walkthroughs and training guides. By the time your team is done with their training courses, they can smoothly operate your new system on a daily basis.

Support & Training Partners, For Life


Remote Support Services

Our team also provides remote support services for most products. Once you’re set up in the cloud, we have access directly to your system and are able to make changes remotely to resolve support issues and updates. Whether you require users and security profiles to be correctly set up, data to be migrated from another system, or changes to screens and functionality within the system, our team is able to access the software remotely and resolve the issue just as if they were in the office sitting right next to you.

Training Solutions by Role

Your system will most likely have different access levels for different positions in your company. So it is very important that you have a team that can train your divisions with their own dashboard and their own access levels so as to not see other executive data about your company.

Our training courses include basic user training for various roles in your company, advanced training for executive users, system administrator training and developer training for things such as the Salesforce and NetSuite coding languages.

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Allow our technical architecture expertise to help design your long-term strategy that not only embraces one aspect of your company but is an encompassing solution that will last.


We have over a decade of experience in building and implementing systems in multiple industries including Wholesale Distribution, Oil and Gas, Services and Consulting, Finance and more.

Successful Track Record

Our track record of successful implementations speaks for itself. We aim to have 100% client satisfaction in all of our projects. We achieve this through making sure your project is successful from start to finish and for years to come.


Our team takes the time to fully grasp your business’s needs at a granular level. We roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches with you. We craft the perfect solution to tackle the scenarios your company face to improve productivity and your bottom line.



Whatever the industry or business sector of your company, our certified NetSuite team of will get you up and running on the NetSuite modules you need. From standard NetSuite configuration to advanced customization our team’s experience and NetSuite certifications will ensure that you are guided through to a successful launch.



You are without exception the BEST integration team I have had the pleasure to work with in my 20+ years.
These things seldom complete on time … and that is with 6-12 month windows to accomplish the task. We truly began in mid-April, and in less than 3 months rolled out the new system. A system spanning from lead gen and deal reg, to opportunity management and quoting, on to service and support, with numerous moving parts in between. An incredibly impressive feat.

- C.F. Pivot 3

The consolidated invoice feature has improved our billing process by allowing us to quickly create a detailed record of customer billings on the backend and, at the same time, provide a straightforward invoice to our clients. By being able to provide a more straightforward invoice, we can devote less time to explaining invoices to individual clients, which in turn improves the efficiency of our collection process and ultimately the customer’s experience.

- S.S. PayScale

I was happy not just with your fair quote, but also SCS’s willingness to go the extra mile when the project turned out to be lengthier than originally thought. I was very pleased that not only did Marco work until he found a solution, but SCS did not change us for the extra time. I felt very comfortable working with Marco, who was very patient and thorough in answering my many questions, and explaining our options.

- S.S. Circadia



NetSuite is one of the most popular and versatile cloud-based business suites on the market, which is why our experts at SCS Cloud specialize in this platform. We are dedicated to offering superb, solutions to companies who want to streamline their operations, grow their profits, build relationships with customers, and more. That’s why SCS Cloud is an official NetSuite Solution Provider. We’ve gained entry into this esteemed network due to our unmatched professionalism and prowess.