By pairing SCS Cloud’s expertise with a series of pre-built customizations, NetSuite can be used as the ideal ERP for the mining industry, with an implementation 3x faster than competing products. Plus, with the SCS Cloud team at your back, you can expect a seamless transition and ongoing support for your business.

How NetSuite specifically helps the mining industry

Requisition Customizations & Controls

Implements a tightly controlled purchase requisition entry process and aligns requisitioning forms for the mining industry.

Vendor Prepayments

Functionality for creating and appropriately managing vendor prepayments (advances) against purchase orders. Tracks total prepaid amounts, open balances, and provides a simple and effective way to manage prepayments within the Accounts Payable ledger.

Vendor Bill Batch Payments

Provides a full process for creating batches of bills, approval for payment and processing of payments against bill batches within the system. Also separates the bill creation and approval process for enhanced internal controls.

Exchange Rate Integrations

Comply with local statutory requirements by integrating NetSuite with local central bank exchange rates.

Month End Automated Journal to Construction in Progress

Automatically add journal costs into Construction in Progress account with accurate segmentation at the end of each month. Used during construction to enable users to properly view expense data with normal posting, as well as automate the transfer to Construction in Progress.

Stock Request

Allows an employee to request stock to be used from the warehouse. Includes consumption request approvals, controlled fulfillment, commitment of inventory and auto-closing requests after specified periods if not fulfilled.

Item Request Process and Approval

Improve control and approvals around creation of items. Creates an employee platform to request new items be ordered and routed to procurement for review and approval, then added as a stock code.

User Roles & Dashboards

Prepackaged user roles and dashboards designed for the mining industry. Includes preset internal control review and segregation of duties for all roles., as well as dashboards for customized searches, reminders, reports, and graphs specific to the mining industry and associated roles.

Procurement Reporting

Installs 30+ prepackaged procurement reports surrounding contracts, open requisitions, committed values and other procurement-related data for analysis.

Customized Forms and Layouts

Installs preset forms, custom fields, lists and layouts for the mining industry. Ties in with predefined NetSuite roles and enhances the usability and flexibility of the solution for rapid deployment.

The Bottom Line?

With all of these customizations provided on top of the core NetSuite functionality, your system becomes supercharged for the mining industry and enables a fast rollout. Combined with the knowledge of the SCS Cloud team and previous successful implementations, the rollout of the solution can be done efficiently at any point in the exploration, construction or operational phase of your mining project.

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