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We Have a NetSuite Solution for Everything

We’ve developed a catalogue of proprietary code add-ons that will complement an existing NetSuite setup so that our clients can get the most out of their NetSuite solution. From fixing overpayment issues to vendor payment history (and much, much more), you can increase efficiency and improve your bottom line.

NetSuite Bundles Catalogue

Accounting & Finance

Clearing checks for netsuite

Standard NetSuite functionality allows checks to be cleared only on the reconciliation screen of the account which can be extremely cumbersome for companies with large quantities of check payments. Use this custom clearing checks feature to easily and quickly clear checks. See immediately which bill the check relates to and clear the checks from a single screen without viewing other types of transactions.

Consolidated invoices for netsuite

Roll up customer invoices into a single consolidated invoice which can be printed or emailed automatically to the customer. This solution has multiple options to show all line items on a single consolidated PDF form as well as listing all the combined invoices and line items. Combine line items per product or optionally keep all products separate. Consolidated invoices for all child customers under a single parent customer. Choose to consolidate all invoices of a specific time or date, or select the specific invoices individually. All invoices are stored in the file cabinet and referenced from the individual invoice records in NetSuite. Accept payment against a consolidated invoice number and automatically apply the payment to all the individual invoices within NetSuite.

Mass Print Customer Invoices For NetSuite

Print out all pending customer invoices on NetSuite with just one click. All invoices in the print queue save as separate PDF files to the file cabinet which can then be downloaded and printed at the same time. Avoid the 100 invoice limit per PDF and print out all pending invoices. Includes email notifications when the processing is complete and assistance in setting up printing software. Good for companies where normal invoice runs exceed 500+ invoices or more.

Mass Print Customer Statements For NetSuite

Bypass NetSuite’s limit of 100 statements and mass print all customer statements with one click. All statements save to the file cabinet split into folders by subsidiary and can be downloaded and mass printed. Save time and potential employee errors on generating and printing customer statements. Choose to automatically print/save statements for all customers.

Overpayments For NetSuite

Accept and “write off” overpayments on invoices directly from the accept payment screen within NetSuite. If a customer incorrectly overpays an invoice or pays a statement charge when it has not been recorded in NetSuite, easily write off this money to an overpayment account.

Write-offs for netsuite

A fully custom NetSuite feature to easily write off unpaid invoices or unapplied payments or credits. Allows accounting users to select multiple invoices and unapplied payments or credits and automatically creates a journal entry to write off these amounts to a specified account. Reduce errors and potential for mistakes when managing customers opening transactions. Write-offs have never been easier!

Add-Ons & Full Features

Consignment processes for netsuite

Manage consignment inventory and apply correct accounting impact for consignment transactions across multiple vendors and locations. Custom inventory searches track available inventory across regular and consignment locations. Correctly value inventory as it moves through the consignment process through and automated consignment process.

Services & training delivery for netsuite

Track and monitor all training and fixed price service delivery from a central custom add-on module to NetSuite. Track all courses or services a customer has purchased and monitor scheduling and delivery based on upcoming course schedules and events. Allow customers to schedule themselves for upcoming services in the customer portal and track the value of services delivered immediately when they are completed. This solution automatically creates delivery records for each line item sold on approved orders and allows a company who provides training or services to schedule, plan and deliver while staying in communication with the customer.


Complex transaction approval for netsuite

Track complex approval processes with multi levels of approval, approval limits, delegation of authority, department level approvers, role based approvals, and all emails and notifications associated with each approval step. These approvals are configured as a custom solution for each client and can be adapted for multi-subsidiary, multi-currency and complex organizational structures. Rejection reasons and approval history is all stored and fully reportable and this solution comes with the necessary reminders and notifications to be a truly complete approval process. Includes optional Box.com or file cabinet validation to ensure necessary documentation is applied to each transaction during the approval process.

Journal entry approvals for netsuite

A complete journal entry approval solution which supports multiple subsidiaries, approvers, and delegation of authority. Works smoothly for all types of journal entries including automated system journals for amortization, reversing entries, bill variances and fixed asset depreciation. Configure auto-approving journals for specific journal types. The SCS Cloud Journal Entry approvals bundle enhances standard NetSuite workflows and security to enable advanced journal entry approvals.

Simple transaction approval for netsuite

Create a simple Approve / Reject feature using the standard NetSuite role approval logic. This add-on makes use of the standard approve role rights and functionality and adds in a rejection option where transactions can be rejected followed by entering a rejection reason and email notifications. Users can resubmit transactions for approval and view reminders to track approval status.

Customer, Vendor & Contact Management

Customer profile edit on portal for netsuite

Allow customers to update specific fields on their customer record directly from the customer portal. Any field on the customer record can be made available. Often used if customer’s have a profile or a set of fields that they should be allowed to update. Done using NetSuite custom screens and accessible via custom links or menu items on the customer portal.

Customer purchase history for netsuite

Easily search across all purchase history of a customer both orders and actual invoices and quickly view the last purchase dates, quantity purchase, and price points for all historical purchases. Rapidly look up values to re-quote at the same price and answer customer questions on when they last purchased products

Email signature templates for netsuite

Create custom email signatures for all staff within NetSuite. Allow employees to set their job titles and contact information and save a custom email signature which can then be applied to all their emails sent from NetSuite. Set logos per subsidiary or department and preview the email signatures before saving. Configure sizing, fonts, and default values during setup. Includes 2 hours of setup and configuration

Prevent overwrite of client ids for netsuite

If using a Client ID structure that is different from the company name, use this script to prevent NetSuite automatically overwriting the Client ID with the name of the company each time it is edited.

Printed form templates for netsuite

Using the Advanced PDF/HTML templates within NetSuite, get access to beautiful custom templates for all printed PDF forms and transactions. Branded forms with refined layouts and custom branding. Configured logic to hide and display form content and switch out logos based on subsidiary or department. Includes special forms such as Proforma Invoice (print a sales order as a proforma invoice) and service order (for service work to be performed). Also includes a set of transaction disclaimers which can be configured to print based on logic from the sales orders, i.e. hazardous goods, quote expiration, pricing notices, etc. Disclaimers can be shown against specific items or for the entire order. 10 templates with 10 hours of setup and configuration

Referral / lead logging with custom forms for netsuite

Allow existing customer or partners to log leads with custom formatted referral forms. Once a referral is logged by an existing customer or partner this referral can be tracked in the portal through the various stages of the sales cycle.

Terms & conditions acceptance for netsuite

Automatically email a complete Terms & Conditions notice out to the customer during the sales process and track their acceptance through an online web form. Customers are sent a secure link with the specific terms and conditions and once accepted all information is stored against the sale. Compliance data such as the IP Address, Date/Time Accepted and other information is also recorded.

Vendor payment history for netsuite

Custom saved search shows payment history by vendor with the details of each bill and all payments associated to that vendor. Quick search filters for drilling down into any check number or bill to assist in getting information quickly.

Warn on contact removal for netsuite

Warn users to prevent accidental removal of contacts from a customer or vendor record.

Integrations & Add-Ons

Custom edi integration for netsuite

Pacejet xml processing for netsuite

Process and report on Pacejet information related to the packer and shipper identified by Pacejet during the fulfillment process.

Internal Controls

Prevent billing address edit for netsuite

Prevent staff from editing the default billing address for customers and/or vendors. Standard NetSuite allows changes to these addresses whenever edit access is provided for customers or vendors.

Items & Warehouse

Assembly out of stock searches for netsuite

Runs a process that automatically calculates how much “stock” there is for assembly items based on how much available inventory there is for each of the sub-components of the assembly. Works for multi-layered assembly items (assemblies that have additional assemblies underneath) up to many levels deep as well as incorporating Kit/Package items.

Commitment prediction & putaway for netsuite

When receiving purchase orders automatically predict which sales orders or transfer orders the received items will be committed to and print out a detailed report per sales order with the exact amount of items that will commit to each order. Allows warehouse staff to skip putting all items away in bins and instead know which sales orders the items will commit to and ship those orders out immediately. Includes support for custom staging areas.

Convert matrix fields to site categories for netsuite

Automatically convert all matrix fields to site categories (not standardly available). Custom scripts copy across all matrix field values to site settings on all matrix items.

Default line item price level to custom for netsuite

Automatically set the price level to Custom on all line items that do not have a Base Price set. Prevents the users from continually having to edit or change the price level on the lines of quotes and sales order transactions.

Item purchase history for netsuite

Search for any item a customer has purchased or been quoted over the life of that customer. Filter searches by type of transaction, by vendor, and by price. This includes setup

Kit pricing auto-updates for netsuite

Schedule automatic updates on kit prices to set pricing of kits to be the sum of the prices of items within the kit. Allows a company to update only the item prices and then all kits will automatically set their price level. Also accounts for specific mark-up or discounts on kits (set per kit) above or below the sum of the individual items.

Scheduled price updates for netsuite

Create CSV files with updated item pricing and set a schedule for when those updates should be executed on the specific items. NetSuite standardly does not allow for item pricing updates to be scheduled for future dates and using this scheduled feature prices can become active at specific times in the future. Great for update website prices for specials or sales overnight or implementing vendor price changes on specific dates.

Transaction Processing

Accept customer payments from sales orders for netsuite

Accept unapplied customer payments (instead of only deposits) from any sales transaction and maintain a link between the sales transaction and the unapplied payment.

Convert customer return to vendor return for netsuite

Wholesale Distribution companies can now convert a return by a customer into a vendor return authorization in just one click. After creating or receiving a customer return, click a button to generate a vendor return for the preferred vendor of that product. Define and set field mappings and defaults.

Credit card processing for netsuite

Swipe credit cards directly from NetSuite. Swipe credit cards via any USB card swiper directly into NetSuite. This custom bundle automatically processes card data and sets the credit card number, card type, name, and expiration date. Supports multiple card types and swipers. Also use a checkbox to save the card directly to the customer’s account for reusability.

Delete bins for netsuite

Mass delete all bins within NetSuite. Ability to use a single script to mass delete all bins (not standardly supported). Often needed during testing and data migration.

Generate transfer orders from sales orders for netsuite

Automatically generate transfer orders from approved sales orders. Simply check a Generate Transfer checkbox and choose the From Location on any line item of a sales order to source items into the Sales Order location for shipment. Works well for companies with multi-location inventory where items that need to be sourced to a central location and then shipped out as a ship complete order.

Gross profit calculations for netsuite

Get instant gross profit calculations while entering sales order line items based on customizable logic. Allows sales reps to view gross profit per line item while entering transactions and shift the pricing to meet profit expectations.

Last purchase price & date for netsuite

When creating orders for customers view immediately the last ordered date and price for each line item entered. This allows order entry personnel to ensure that their pricing is in line with what the customer previously paid.

Parent departments – locations – accounts for netsuite

Identify departments, locations and accounts as “Parent” or “Non-Posting” and a series of custom scripts and workflows prevents transactions from hitting these both when entering through the user interface as well as through CSV imports.

Prevent duplicate vendor bills for netsuite

Use the Reference Number field to put a hard control in place to stop duplicate vendor bills. Standard NetSuite only provides a warning whereas this script prevents the user from saving the bill with a duplicate vendor number.

Print journal entries for netsuite

Easily print out the General Ledger impact of journal entries with one click from the journal screens. Branded templates with company logo and address to print out journal entry impact for any transaction type. Great for audit documentation and analyzing GL impact. Support multi-book accounting and multi-currency.

Reset item pricing on copied orders for netsuite

When copying a previous quote or order click a single button to reset all item pricing to the default pricing for the customer. Can be used to enter orders and prevent accidentally giving the customer additional discounts or deals online items.

Returns for netsuite

Automatically set the item price for incoming returns to a specified price when receiving into a returns location. Prevent $0 value inventory by automatically defaulting the item price and overriding the value when receiving returned inventory into a returns location.

Service order processing for netsuite

Track and process service order work to be performed on incoming special order projects and manage sales order fulfillment based on service completion through a simple process. Works well for simple special order situations where work needs to be performed on incoming products, but the business is not using the work orders module.

Transaction default values for netsuite

Automatically set default values on transactions from any related record. Significantly reduce order entry time and automate reporting information by default values on transactions from related records such as customers, vendors, contacts, items and user information. Configurable interface to easily and smoothly set field values on both the header and line level of transactions. Reduce repetitive order entry and expand reporting segmentation through field defaults.

Transaction page cleanup for netsuite

Remove unwanted buttons from transaction pages. Hide automatic features such as “Clear All Lines” button, the “Options” column, the “Print” button, and other unused or unwanted functionality within the screen. Helpful for high throughput companies where new users can easily make mistakes by accidentally clicking on these standard NetSuite features.

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