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ACI Learning is a multi-unit business that provides technical education and usage for B2C and B2B companies, as well as IT training and coaching to veterans and other student bases. They have been in business as ACI since 2014, having started out as multiple companies and slowly migrating into one, cohesive unit. They specialize in helping veterans utilize their benefits and achieve meaningful employment.

With nearly 300 employees, ACI Learning delivers training to people from all over the world. They measure and emphasize success as a quantity that goes beyond income, but by outcomes that change lives—or as they like to call it, “Meaningful Outcomes.”

In 2022, ACI Learning made the Inc. Magazine list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. Today, they can be better described as the accumulative effort of many entrepreneurs who came together and accomplish common goals. As a company, they support hundreds of B2B customers and hundreds more on the B2C front, making their customer base not only wide but diverse—in fact, they recently celebrated their one-millionth student.

The Challenge

In earlier days, ACI Learning struggled to land on its feet during a lengthy process of consolidating several acquisitions. Following on the heels of that challenge was this one: Creating a single, financial package out of three different accounting systems. Navigating this accounting challenge meant compensating for a host of outdated and outmoded reports and practices. It also required plenty of manual reporting and juggling reconciliations on top of reconciliations in order to achieve any kind of confidence in the data.

The end result was piecemealing datasets and reports to make sure that company revenue was properly recognized. But, as seems to be the case with most manual processes in our automated age, this dependency opened the door to inaccuracies and only proved to breed additional obstacles.

Working across different systems, while trying to sustain production and stimulate growth, was a constant headache. And inevitably, it led leadership to question if there was a better way. That question, whether posed in a moment of prescient insight or out of sheer frustration, began the survey of possible paths toward a solution and, more importantly, consulting with others who’d overcome similar challenges themselves.

The answer was NetSuite, and the recommendation was SCS Cloud as a Solution Provider of choice.

Key Client Benefits

When SCS Cloud arrived on the scene at ACI Learning, our first priority in designing their NetSuite implementation was to tackle their chief pain point: Their disparate accounting system. We focused on tailoring a full financial reporting package to ACI Learning, with subsequent data migration efforts to transition everything they needed onto NetSuite so they could finally leverage automation and strip the complexities out of how they relay their financial reports to majority owners.

Where reports were previously generated on a manual basis and lacked any automation, time was inevitably lost. Using NetSuite, we built ACI Learning a custom reporting system that removed most of the manual elements from accounting and so, in the same keystroke, provided a significant amount of visibility into revenue, which in turn let them update and better track revenue forecasting.

Verdict: It has been wildly useful.

Beyond accounting, our professional consultants worked with the ACI Learning team to build confidence in their NetSuite system as company demands increased and the system was asked to accomplish more and more.

We worked closely with ACI Learning and trained their staff on the technical tools to not only figure out new ways of doing things but also how to leverage NetSuite to do it for them. And as operations continued to scale, we were there to jump in and help, even when it came to building out a comprehensive report in multiple iterations—the perfect solution for providing exact financials to their account auditors.

As with so many clients before, our partnership with ACI Learning has yielded continued improvements for the company as a whole. We enjoyed the challenge of designing their NetSuite system, hopefully as much as they’ve benefited from its use.

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