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Company Overview

JRF Ortho is in an incredibly unique line of business. They specialize in providing orthopedic surgeons with the highest viability, most widely available cartilage solutions in the industry. And through innovation and a fierce commitment to clinical results and positive outcomes, they offer world-class joint solutions to improve their patient’s quality of life.

For over a decade, JRF Ortho has focused on engineering progressive solutions and implementing unequaled standards in customer care. Since 2006, they’ve grown to become the largest fresh graft organization in the world, providing specialized orthopedic allografts (a tissue graft from a donor) – osteochondral allografts, tendons, and meniscus.

Today, JRF Ortho operates premises in Colorado and in Danton, Ohio, and supports some 30 dedicated employees, most of whom are focused on customer service, sales, marketing, finance and administration. While the majority of their business originates in the US and Canada, they have distributed grafts to the UK and have even managed distribution to places such as Israel, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, and Chile.

The Challenge

Having set its mission as the improvement of each patient’s quality of life through innovative joint repair solutions, JRF Ortho has had to evaluate and reevaluate its core processes to facilitate the greater goal: Honoring each individual’s donation. It’s important to bear in mind that in the case of JRF Ortho, they’re not simply handling a product, they’re honoring donor wishes, which often entails receiving, processing, and rapidly distributing the physical solution—often within a narrow timeframe. In terms of the biggest challenge they faced, scaling to meet growth potential was, plain and simple, top of the list. Because in the years leading up to their need for a more expansive, operating solution, they’d grown from around 35 million in revenue and were on an uptrend.

Keeping pace with 10-20 donors a month was common, but as expansion demands increased, JRF Ortho found itself contending with the 70-80 donors-a-month range. As a result, efficiency waned, and because they lacked a custom system, it became a challenge to maintain visibility into supply and nearly impossible to gain real insight into upcoming demand.

So, in summary, the reality was that JRF Ortho needed a heavily customized system capable of diagnosing all the challenges inherent in scaling business and providing the bandwidth of automated processes to resolve them.

With some background in the ERP space and some familiarity with both NetSuite and the SCS Cloud team, JRF Ortho decided to take the plunge and selected SCS Cloud as their Solution Provider of choice.

Key Client Benefits

Right out of the gate, our SCS Cloud team presented a vision of exactly how NetSuite would be able to work within this very unique situation. This began during the initial sales cycle and carried through the entire implementation.

Mapping solutions for JRF Ortho’s exacting needs required us to leverage more than just technical NetSuite expertise. It required extracting a host of lessons learned from a wider knowledge base and consulting experiences gained over working with many different verticals.

We were able to come in and understand their business model by diagnosing what needs were most critical. Our consultants took the time to learn about the company and understand the individual why basis behind everything that JRF Ortho was doing so we could successfully challenge their existing processes and improve them.

Since their implementation, we’ve continued to fine-tune the system. As a result, we’ve seen positive changes and clear signs of growth, suggesting a new capacity to scale.

After spending a long time controlling growth to compensate for system inefficiencies, JRF Ortho has now started to operate at efficiency levels never seen before. Backed by data, leadership has now been able to bring down the floodgates and welcome the prospect of increasing supply as opposed to guessing at demand quotas. This has allowed them to pull precise demand data that can be instantly turned around and used to make an intelligent, educated decision on what needs to be done.

SCS Cloud was also able to include custom add-ons like our Sharepoint connector and Approvals app, making our partnership with JRF Ortho one that you simply don’t get when dealing with other solution providers.

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