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Digital technology has revolutionized the legal industry, particularly as it pertains to evidence. Many receipts, reports, agreements, contracts, voicemails, and other records are created and stored electronically. Digital documentation offers numerous advantages—nearly instant access, simple modifications, duplicability, etc.—but these also cast doubt on the legitimacy of these as evidence. In its raw form, electronic evidence could be easily tampered with, muddying the waters of important cases.

Therefore, a new industry was born: Electronic Discovery. E-Discovery is the method of accumulating, archiving and accessing ESI (Electronically Stored Information) such that it can be utilized in litigation. Basically, this data needs to remain in its original form, frozen in time, and retrievable by both sides of a case. The concept is simple enough, but the execution is quite complex, especially since cases can involve hundreds of thousands of electronic documents.

Nearly two decades ago, John Tredennick, an experienced litigator and innovator, came to the forefront of the burgeoning E-Discovery field. In 1998, he put together one of the first legal ESI repositories of its kind. Mr. Tredennick and his team did so out of sheer necessity. He had to assemble legal professionals and technology experts to litigate a massive, decade-long case involving a multitude of ESI. Having become a master of litigation technology and E-Discovery, Mr. Tredennick and his team began assisting on others’ cases. Their efforts became Catalyst Secure.

Since then, Catalyst Secure has become a global business, with offices in the United States, India and Japan. They have successfully housed document repositories for tens of thousands of cases and earned hundreds of awards for their work. As a result, they have garnered dozens of top corporate, insurance and legal clients. As time has gone on, Catalyst Secure has expanded their offerings. In addition to the E-Discovery services that made them a success, the company provides a corporate discovery platform, managed review, search consulting, forensic collections, translation, and more. Catalyst Secure has also enhanced their original products, improving them with intuitive visualization, technology-assisted review and predictive coding.
SCS Cloud is honored to have assisted such a pioneering technology company in making a significant impact across numerous industries.

The Challenge

While Catalyst Secure’s E-Discovery platforms are some of the most sophisticated on the market, their fiscal functions needed additional support. Managing an abundance of varied clientele strained their existing operations. The company was encountering difficulties correctly categorizing and classifying their financial transactions because of an outdated accounting system. The older software they were using couldn’t keep up with such a high number of services offered, industries served and ESI hosted. In other words, their books and ledgers were disordered. Since Catalyst Secure caters to such a wide scope and size of clientele, providing a myriad of services and hosting hundreds of daily transactions, organizing their finances was paramount.

To keep their accounts in order without automated financial reporting or computerized dashboard capabilities, Catalyst Secure wasted significant manual effort, time and money. Employees grappled with Excel reporting and graphing, trying desperately to produce accurate descriptions of their complex economic circumstances. Bogged down with these obsolete operations, executives were unable to generate real-time views of their financials. Catalyst Secure couldn’t stay fiscally up to date with their booming business and activity.

So, Catalyst Secure executives came to SCS Cloud for help straightening out their financial software and disentangling their account data. This large legal technology corporation recognized that our specialists would be able to solve this problem.

Key Client Benefits

Our team of professionals built a customized solution for Catalyst Secure using NetSuite, one of the foremost cloud-based business software suites. This powerful platform combines Professional Services Automation (PSA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Financial Reporting, drawing on a single data source. This allowed us to pull Catalyst Secure’s vast and varied services and accounts into a unified, cloud-based platform that users could access from anywhere. Taking advantage of NetSuite’s innovative financial features, we offered Catalyst Secure an individualized answer to their quandary.

Implementing NetSuite gives Catalyst Secure the ability to view consolidated financial dashboards with real-time data updates for the key metrics requested by the company’s management and its Board Members. This allows them to better track the business’s funds, create projections and make strategic plans.

Catalyst Secure employees and executives can now figure out their finances simply and easily, without the hassle of endless Excel spreadsheets. In addition, through automating their invoicing and other key processes, the business has achieved higher transparency and greater accountability throughout their financial team. With our upgraded platform, Catalyst Secure administrators can communicate and collaborate even better. Our NetSuite system lets them keep pace with the company’s continued expansion and grow it even further.

Top technology companies such as Catalyst Secure choose SCS Cloud to streamline, simplify and supplement their software. To discover what cloud-based solutions we can devise for your business, contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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