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Company Overview

All LED USA is an LED lighting company that specializes in energy-saving lighting solutions. After a successful asset purchase of a UK-based company that maintained distribution centers around the world, All LED USA set out with a new mission statement and today is based in St Petersburg, Florida. It operates with a small core team and affiliates with a partner network of 30+ agencies to expand its outreach across the US.

The mission statement at All LED USA is simple: Offer a brighter choice. That puts their focus squarely on providing energy-saving solutions and engineering the residential and commercial transition away from the old style, incandescent lighting that historically dominated the form of lighting used.

Improvements in technology have resulted in more functional, energy-saving LED lighting for every aspect of life. And All LED USA has been at the forefront of that product development with a portfolio that includes the tech improvements made specifically within the LED industry. They offer the transitional retrofit from old-style lighting over to energy-saving LED.

The Challenge

Leading up to our partnership, All LED USA had what could be considered a quintessential problem: Their old business software was difficult to learn, harder to operate, and a pain to make changes to—overall, a complex and less intuitive solution than a modern company looks for. The other big obstacle faced by All LED USA was resolving how to transition their outmoded processes without losing the logistical functionality they depended on to import their products. So to tackle their software problem and shed the complexities that had been holding the business back, they needed something that was going to provide the same control and capabilities but with an easier interface. Something that they could easily onboard with new staff and teach them how to use.

Lastly, All LED USA wanted to upgrade their software for the purpose of building out the distribution side of their company from a more holistic sales perspective—meaning, to streamline the method of importing products, dealing with international shipping, costs, quality control, inventory management and, on top of all that, improve real-time visibility over sales numbers, whether those numbers be individual salespeople or the agency network that they work with. In a nutshell, the flexibility of their old system was nowhere near where they needed it to be in order to achieve long-term success and they needed help.

Enter NetSuite and SCS Cloud.

Key Client Benefits

After researching the different business solutions on the market, All LED USA decided on NetSuite with one goal in mind: Elevating their system and accomplishing their business goals. To do this, they purchased NetSuite and reached out to SCS Cloud as their Solution Partner of choice.

From the word go, SCS Cloud worked with All LED USA to deliver exactly what they were looking for, starting with a deep dive into their inventory control functionality and devising processes to simplify it. Because they source their products, we worked with them specifically to restructure how they calculated and processed their costings and materials. We also reinforced their platform with our support offerings, providing them with the safety net they needed whenever they came face to face with a tough issue or when addressing growing pains during the post-implementation phase.

Today, All LED USA is showing steady growth across their key metrics, and helping them lead the way has been the success of their NetSuite implementation. Wherever or however they’ve chosen to leverage it, NetSuite has proven to be more than up to the task of helping them navigate through the challenges faced during their day-to-day operations.

The partnership between SCS Cloud and All LED USA played an instrumental role in their successful launch in 2018 and has proved successful ever since. At SCS Cloud, we pride ourselves on having delivered on the promise that underpins our partnership and would love the opportunity to do the same for your company.

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