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Support & Training

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Support & Training

SCS Cloud provides support services for cloud-based systems including NetSuite, Salesforce, and all custom solutions. This support ranges from being on-call and responsive to all needs that arise to making sure that your project is fully completed and set up properly. We aim to guide our clients through projects from start to finish.

Our company ensures that when you call or email in with a support issue that your issue is addressed quickly and by someone that is knowledgeable getting your questions handled in a timely manner.

We want your team to use your software. Many companies have trouble with getting their staff to use the new software with ease but with our training programs this isn’t an issue. We have on-site and online training courses as well as many custom options for your team such as walkthroughs and training guides. By the time your team is done with their training courses, they can smoothly operate your new system on a daily basis.



Through our advisory services, our team can assist your business in choosing the right solution and get it implemented on time and within budget.


SCS Cloud has a team of developers and cloud technology experts who architect, build and implement custom solutions based on client needs. Whether building a completely new application from scratch or providing additions to existing cloud technologies, our team has you covered.


Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to configure the new software, integrate past data from previous systems, and get the entire solution up and running within budget and on time.


SCS Cloud provides support services for cloud-based systems including NetSuite, Salesforce, and all custom developed solutions.

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Remote Support Services

Our team also provides remote support services for most products. Once you’re set up in the cloud, we have access directly to your system and are able to make changes remotely to resolve support issues and updates. Whether you require users and security profiles to be correctly set up, data to be migrated from another system, or changes to screens and functionality within the system, our team is able to access the software remotely and resolve the issue just as if they were in the office sitting right next to you.

Training Solutions by Role

Your system will most likely have different access levels for different positions in your company. So it is very important that you have a team that can train your divisions with their own dashboard and their own access levels so as to not see other executive data about your company.

Our training courses include basic user training for various roles in your company, advanced training for executive users, system administrator training and developer training for things such as the Salesforce and NetSuite coding languages.

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