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Consolidated Invoices For NetSuite

Roll up customer invoices into a single consolidated invoice which can be printed or emailed automatically to the customer. This solution has multiple options to show all line items on a single consolidated PDF form as well as listing all the combined invoices and line items. Combine line items per product or optionally keep all products separate. Consolidated invoices for all child customers under a single parent customer. Choose to consolidate all invoices of a specific time or date, or select the specific invoices individually. All invoices are stored in the file cabinet and referenced from the individual invoice records in NetSuite. Accept payment against a consolidated invoice number and automatically apply the payment to all the individual invoices within NetSuite.


  • Roll Up Multiple Invoices to One Consolidated View
  • Automatically or Manually Run Invoice Consolidation
  • Accept Payments for Consolidated Invoices
  • Run Account Receivable Reporting by Consolidated Invoice
  • Multiple Consolidated Invoice Printed Forms
  • Automatically Email Consolidated Invoices
  • Custom Invoice Consolidation Logic
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